• Do you innovate and design for a better future, a sustainable world?

    • Do you improve the technology that will help us tomorrow?

    • Do you care about the legacy you are leaving?

    • Are you developing the platforms that will allow us to enjoy a sustainable model?

    • What will the future be like in the lives of those who you are already helping?

    * Animated infographic representing the increase in the population that will live in cities by 2050. This infographic can be seen in the introduction of the app developed by Studiolab “EduEcobuild”, available in the Apple AppStore

  • Do you want to be a leader in your industry where your brand reflects the mission and vision you have created?

    • We are always one step ahead so that you can focus on what matters most to you

    • We believe in you and understand your language

    • We work to give you the best value per second of your customers attention

    • Effective transmission of your mission and vision

    • Distill the confusion and take a “Cup of Future"

    *Infographics showing the operation of wind turbines and the importance of this source of renewable energy. This app is available as a demo, contact us for more information.

  • Do you want a "turnkey" solution optimized for for all your marketing platforms?

    • We produce visual assets that cover all your needs

    • These visual assets are optimized for the highest quality

    • You can use these assets in all your broadcast channels

    • You have an idea, we help you from conceptualization to final production

    * We use the latest technologies to create images and video which, combined with our design values ​​and our commitment to best practices, allow us to stay one step ahead

Good communication is based on the effective transmission of ideas

  • Media and social networks are growing exponentially

  • Average attention span has significantly declined

  • This highlights the importance of having a concise message that is effective across all platforms

  • The attention of your customers is measured in: “value per second”


*Value per Second
Rate of information assimilation per second of attention

Mobile Apps,  all of your company´s info at the touch of a button

We build your App, empower russian brde your commercial force with a beautiful experience for your customers:

  • IOs & Android: Development and Rollout

  • User Interface/User Experience: Flexible Design

  • Content: Catalogues, Presentations, Infographics, Motion Graphics, 3D, Video and Stills

  • Connected: your web resources & online sales

  • Scalable: automatic updates with new content and expansions

  • Affordable:  Value Driven, Flexible and Competitive

  • Support: Free App technical support for 1st year

Learn More

Try out our Ecobuild App for your self, Free download in the app store showcasing the innovative use of 3D to explain technology, Motion graphics to bring relevant data to life, Photography and Video to tell your story, and interconnectivity to take you further down our ideas.

Check out our Video!

Beautiful  Presentations, Engage your public with your Values

We deliver stories with high production values that speak volumes of your vision & mission

  • High Definition: 1020p and 720p

  • Flexible: Output to any media & platforms

  • Content: Catalogues, Presentations, Infographics, Motion Graphics, 3D, Video and Stills

  • Turn key: From Concept to Delivery

  • Reusable: Visual Assets can be reused for Web & Print

  • Cinematic: Experienced Professionals will help you to tell your story

  • Results: Campaign support to measure impact


Digital Design, Connect with your customers and convert new ones

We speak your language and that of your customers allowing us to tailor Visual Assets that meet your needs

  • 3D Video and Stills: ��������From Conceptual to Hyper Realism – Explain your innovation with emotion

  • Motion Infographics: Dynamically showcase your facts, figures, motivations and results

  • Video: Production and editing of high quality video assets

  • Sound Design: From voice overs, to special effects and music. The icing on the cake

  • Branding: Logo, graphic design and fidelizaotion across your platforms

  • Graphic Design: Web and Traditional Print

Do you want ROI in communication and access to the tools which empower your decisions?

  • Our visual assets used as part of a holistic marketing strategy allow the monitoring of the results of your campaigns

  • Our Apps let you track the number of downloads and countries where your information is being accessed

  • Using visual assets in a commercial environment, whether in trade shows or direct sales will boost your sales

  • Adopting a digital marketing strategy has the potential to significantly reduce your printing costs

* Our visual assets and Apps can be optimized for the use of ROI tools such as Google Analytics

We are Studiolab: a creative, dynamic and enterprising group with passion for Renewables, Engineering and Sustainable Architecture.

Nino Bennett

Audiovisual IT Media professional in London for 14 years, A passionate for technology and VFX.
He Manages the companies systems and develops the audiovisual direction of our projects.

Gonzalo Navarro

Architect specialized in Project Management, has worked in architectural firms in Amsterdam, Prague and Seville.
He applies the PMI methodology to our projects.
“I want to use my knowledge to help companies improve the world we live in.”
“I believe in Sustainable Architecture and Renewable Energy as solutions to our major global challenges”

Fran Hales

Public Relations specialist with extensive experience as Accounts Director and in Business Communication in the field of Digital Media.
Developer of our B2B communications and client relations

Alan Bennett

Graduate of St Martins University London, a pro illustrator with international experience, a keen eye and a passion for art & design.
Art Director and Story Board genius of our projects.
“I think the communication of ideas and the collaboration amongst companies is crucial for sustainable development”
“I believe in the values ​​and integrity that design and art help to communicate”

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HOME-Green-LeafStudioLab is committed to Social and Environmental Responsibility.

We strive for harmony with the global environment toward the creation of a sustainable future. Our work reflects an enduring resolution to sustainability and the belief that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage. Innovation means that our design, technology and research converge to create solutions that help you improve how we live and work.